Some hamradio shops. Functional sites with good performace.
Last update 01/2015

Antennas and accessories
Antenna Engineering Aluminium HF verticals and more
Antennerna Antennas
Antrotor SPID Rotors
Duplexers Antennas, Duplexers and Filters
DX-wire Specialist for wire antennas
Flamex Pull Telescope masts.
Hamware (DJ2HW) Remotely controled symmetric and asymmetric antenna tuners
hfparts Parts for wire antennas
Hofi Highquality antenna switches, Fritzel products, Versatower
InnoVAntennas Spezial antenna designs
Konni antennas Antennas for 6m, V/U/SHF ad low prices
Kabel-Kusch Cables and more.
Lannabo Antennas
Optibeam Optimized yagi antennas for shortwave
Parabolic Antennas (in Swedish)
Sandpiper Aerials Ltd Antennas, masts and more
Schuelein-electronic Antennas
Spezialantennen Special antennas
Spiderbeam Highly portable fullsize yagi
Telescope masts Heavy duty telescope masts from aluminum
The wireman Specialist for wire antennas
Tinitro Antennas and Microham
Titanex High Tech HF Antennas
VINE antennas ltd Antennas and more
Winkler Antennenbau Big choice of 6m, V/U/SHF antennas, solid and handmade
Hunstig Here you get many connectors
Stecker-Profi  OELSCHLÄGER Elektronik
TestParts  Many Connectors and more
American Radio Supply  Amateur Radio Website of TestParts
Westlake Electronics  With Coaxial Cable Loss Calculator
Universal hamradio shops appello-funk (DL6LAU)
Classic International
Funktechnik Dathe
Hamradio outlet, HRO  (USA)
Lam communications
LSG Communications (in Swedish)
Martin Lynch & Sons
Nevada Radio Warehouse
rfparts (USA)
Waters & Stanton
V/U/SHF specialists Beko-Elektronik High end VHF/UHF Amps
Kuhne Electronic (DB6NT)
Crystals Andyquarz
Software Defined Radio
APACHE-LABS  Complete SDR transceiver
Flex Radio Systems  Complete SDR transceiver
Power SDR  Power SDR software, not only for Flex Radio Systems
Perseus Direct sampling receiver
QuickSilver QS1R Receiver  Direct sampling receiver
SoftRock Radio Kits 

Kits for building small and good SDR hardware.
Runs with Power SDR, Linrad, Winrad and others.
SoftRock Builders Notes  Detailed description of SoftRock hardware.
Computer Aided Measurements via USB or Bluetooth
Antennenanalysator FA-VA 3 Standalone-Antenna-Analyser, 50 kHz bis 165 MHz (in german).
NWT  Scalar Network Analyser, 40 kHz to 160 MHz (in german).
SignalHound  4.4 GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Measuring Receiver
VNWA3 1 kHz - 1.3 GHz Vector Network Analyser
Used Electronic Measurement Equipment
BRL Test Test Equipment
HTB Elektronik Used electronic measurement equipment
Martin RF Supply New & Used RF Wattmeters, Wattmeter Elements & RF Loads
Rainer-Foertig Elektronik Used electronic equipment
Rosenkranz-Elektronik Used electronic equipment
Singer Electronic Used electronic equipment
Test Equipment Connection Large selection of test equipment
TRSRenTelco Test Equipment
Alexander Meier Elektronik Spezialist für Hochfrequenztechnik
Drucker-Service Spareparts for printer (in German)
Ecotec Components (in Swedish)
Eisch-Kafka Electronic RF-Design
Electrokit Components and kits (in Swedish)
Electronicpool V/U/SHF-Powermodules
Eurofrequence HF/AF accessories
Funkamateur Journal, kits and more.
Harbach Electronics Spareparts for vintage Power Amplifiers
Henry Radio Communications equipment. Very fast.
Linamp Linear Amplifiers
Lingua Electronic Noise Suppression on Speech-Communication
Oppermann Electronic parts
Proconnecting Switched power supplies
QRP-project Elecraft K3 and more
Radioarena Programming and Datamode cables
Reichelt Good electronic store. Cheap and fast.
Remote Rig Remote control of stn over net without PC.
RF Hamdesign Mechanical Ham Radio Equipment
RSGB-Shop Books and journals
Schaeffer AG Customized front panels, incl. FRONT PANEL DESIGNER
Scheunemann Morsetasten High end Morse keys
Schubert The famous Schubert Tin Boxes and other mechanics
Tube-Shop Tubes
Viking Technologies Capacitors, Inductors